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VAIOS® Surface Replacement

Clinically Proven Design - ODEP 3A Rating

The VAIOS® Surface Replacement is part of the VAIOS® Shoulder System, a complete system which also offers anatomic, inverse and trauma shoulder replacement solutions. Experts in shoulder replacement surgery, biomechanical engineering, joint replacement design and manufacturing worked together to develop a system that is Versatile, Anatomic, Inverse Optimised and Stable (VAIOS®) whilst utilising the minimum number of components and instrumentation. The VAIOS® Surface Replacement adds to this system and incorporates the same philosophy.

Key Advantages

Resurfacing of the humeral head has become a popular choice for surgeons offering a relatively simple surgical technique and, in appropriately selected patients provides outcomes comparable to total shoulder replacements. Resurfacing has the potential to offer some key advantages over a stemmed prosthesis.
Humeral Resurfacing avoids a humeral head resection and broaching of the medullary canal, leaving more of the patients bone intact.
Humeral Resurfacing is a minimally invasive technique as reaming of the medullary canal is not necessary. Intramedullary reaming and broaching, associated with a stemmed prosthesis, can increase the chance of infection and peri-prosthetic fracture.
Humeral Resurfacing aims to shorten surgical time thus reducing blood loss and the potential for infection.
As it is just the surface being replaced, with no intramedullary stem, adjustment for version can easily be achieved.

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