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Furlong® H-A.C. Revision Straight Stems

The Furlong® H-A.C. Revision Stem

Based on the proven design of the Furlong®  H-A.C. stem the clinically proven stem geometry provides exceptional primary mechanical stability with market-leading long term clinical success.

100% Survivorship Rate


“With revision or impending revision for aseptic loosening as an end-point, survivorship for the femoral component was 100% at 11 years”.

Results of 120 consecutive revision hip replacements in 107 patients, using the JRI Furlong hydroxyapatite-ceramic-coated femoral component. S.P. Trikha et al, Worthing & Southlands NHS Trust, Worthing, England J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 2005;87-B:1055-60

Key Features

The system consists of four trays of instrumentation, simplifying the procedure and keeping sterilisation costs to a minimum
JRI long straight stems are able to bypass defective bone areas and allow for a stable three point fixation
Vacuum plasma spray (VPS) technology - resists thermal cracking and gas pores to prevent delamination compared to atmospheric plasma spray (APS) adopted by many companies
Offering a comprehensive range of options allows for restoration of hip joint biomechanics
Having a fully coated stem enables osseointegration along the full length of the stem, providing optimum physiological fixation

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