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ABM Modular Revision Femoral Stem

The ABM Modular Revision Femoral Stem is based on the design of the successful Wagner style prosthesis. 8 longitudinal ridges in the distal stem aid preservation of the cancellous bone, maintain rotational stability and provide additional strength to the implant itself.


Key Advantages

Designed to treat a wide range of indications the ABM Femoral Revision system uses precise, accurate instruments and modularity to assist the Surgeon.

The ABM Modular Revision Femoral Stem has a 2.5° Taper, and is available in 2 stem lengths, 155mm and 195mm.

Cone bodies are available in lengths of 70mm, 80mm, 90mm and 100mm and in diameters ranging from 19mm to 31mm.


About us

Design Criteria

The modularity of the stems and proximal bodies provides easy adjustment of length and version of the prosthesis, thereby allowing for correct biomechanical reconstruction of the joint.

The circular cross-section and assembly design of the ABM Cone Body allows for simple adjustment of the anteversion angle of the femoral stem offering greater flexibility.


Precise instruments allow theatre efficiency to be successfully managed with the ABM Femoral Revision.


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