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3D ACT Acetabular Reconstruction System

Highly porous titanium alloy acetabular cup and augment system created using 3D EBM printing technology for both primary and more complex acetabular defects Paprosky I – IIIb.

3D ACT Acetabular Cup


Unlike the two-step coated surface of a traditional cup, the 3D ACT cup is naturally integrated reducing the detachment risk of the porous surface. 

3D EBM Technology

TiAl6V4 Trabecular One-Piece Construct

Structural Solidity

Continuity between solid substrate and porous surface

High Porosity

600-800μm pore diameter leading to improved local vascularization, oxygenation and secure fixation

High Friction Coefficient

0.93 Cortical Bone & 1.08 Cancellous Bone

100% Pore Connectivity

Bone ingrowth stimulation¹
1. Ponader S, von Wilmowsky C, Widenmayer M, et al. In vivo performance of selective electron beam-melted Ti-6Al-4V structures. J Biomed Mater Res A, 2010, 92: 56–62.

3D ACT – The complete acetabular defect solution


Complete Acetabular Solution

Designed to treat Paprosky Type I – IIIB defects

3D ACT Augments

Anterior / Posterior pillar or acetabular roof deficiencies

3D ACT Buttress & Shims

Superior segmental or cavity defects

3D ACT Lotus Augments

Innovative Ischial Lysis Solution

3D ACT Restrictors

Medial wall instability

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