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Furlong® H-A.C. CSF Plus Cup

Clinically Proven Design | ODEP 10A* Rating

The H-A.C. Coated CSF Plus is an evolution of the Furlong® H-A.C. CSF cup. Improvements include the availability of two shell types with differing internal tapers. The 18º internal taper is for ceramic (Biolox®delta) liners and the 5º for CLP75® highly cross-linked polyethylene liners.

The cup has a Supravit® Zoned HA coating, and optional screw holes for fixation. 


Key Features

Three dedicated shell types
Three dedicated shell types – ceramic liners, CLP75® liners, and a Multihole (ceramic liners only)
5 or 8 screw holes
Hemispherical cup
Extensive size range

Maximum Versatility Without Compromise

Maintain the clinical success of the 15A* CSF acetabular cup system with key enhancements;

  • Maximise bone ingrowth through patented Supravit® zoned coating technology
  • Enhance bearing materials to reduce wear
  • Optimise implant design to increase range of motion and decrease dislocation risk
  • Perfect the instrumentation to make economic, concise, and easy to use
  • 35 years experience of naturally getting the living to bond to the inert
  • JRI unique coating has high crystallinity – resorbs slower
  • Vacuum plasma spray (VPS) technology – resists thermal cracking and gas pores to prevent delamination compared to atmospheric plasma spray (APS) adopted by many companies
  • Patented Supravit® Zoned coating is applied to CSF Plus – designed to increase H-A.C. surface area 200%, coefficient of friction, and sheer strength to promote biological fixation

Natural Biological Fixation


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