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The World's First Hydroxyapetite Ceramic Coated Stem

15A* ODEP Rating


Rotational stability under dynamic load

Proximal body of Furlong® H-A.C. is designed to fit the metaphysis of the femur;
  • Rectangular cross section of the proximal body provides rotational stability under dynamic loading
  • Load transferred and transmitted by the interface between the prosthesis and cancellous bone

Absolute mechanical stability

Cone shaped geometric transition between proximal body and cylindrical distal stem;
  • Prevents subsidence
  • Stress transfer creates ‘hoop stressing’ of the cortical bone providing early stable mechanical fixation

Deliberately accurate

Cylindrical distal stem;
  • Provides correct angular alignment
  • Deliberately over-reamed to promote preferential transfer of load to metaphysis
  • Subsequent formation of ‘cradling’ trabeculae

Natural biological fixation

  • 35 years experience of naturally getting the living to bond to the inert
  • JRI unique coating has high crystallinity – resorbs slower
  • Vacuum plasma spray (VPS) technology – resists thermal cracking and gas pores to prevent delamination compared to atmospheric plasma spray (APS) adopted by many companies
  • Patented Supravit® coating (200mm) is applied to Furlong® H-A.C.

Clinical Evidence – Furlong® Survivorship

Survivorship Rate

Survivorship of 38 cases in under 50 year olds. N.N. Shah et al Jbone Joint Surg BR 2009; 91 – B:865-9

Survivorship Rate

Survivorship of 331 consecutive cases. J.A.N Shepperd et al J Bone Joint Surg Br 2008; 90-B:27-30

Survivorship Rate

Survivorship of 134 consecutive cases. A.A. Shetty et al Jbone Joint Surg BR 2005; 87-B: 1050-4

Survivorship Rate

Survivorship in 2,578 cases. J.M. Buchanan, Sunderland Royal Hospital Data presented at BOA 2007, Manchester, 26 – 28 September 2007
These results compare favourably with the best long-term results of cemented or uncemented femoral components used in total hip replacement. – J.A.N Shepperd et al J

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