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ACE® Acetabular System

The ACE® Acetabular Cup System provides you with intra-operative versatility

The Surgeon panel behind the design of the ACE® Acetabular Cup System aimed to create one cup that could be used in all situations enabling maximum intra-operative versatility. Multi-bearing options include Biolox® delta ceramic, Dual Mobility, Neutral, 10º and 20º Proprietary XLPE cross-linked polyethylene CLP75®.
To ensure patient safety and surgeon confidence, the ACE® Acetabular Cup System needed to be both reliable and built on clinically proven technology.

ACE® Provenance

Based on the proven clinical heritage of the CSF and CSF Plus Acetabular Cup Systems, the ACE® Acetabular Cup System retains and builds upon many of the design features that have shown to be so successful.
Combined with the Furlong® H-A.C. stem, CSF has the lowest revision rate of any on-label uncemented bearing combination at 15 years.
Fig 1. highlights the CSF Plus has a 34.84% lower acetabular revision rate compared to all other uncemented cups at 15 years (4.3% vs 6.6%)

With ACE® you have:

• Multi-bearing acetabular platform
• 5 in 1 bearing versatility
• Maximised head-to-shell diameter ratios
• Clinically proven heritage
• Streamlined instrument trays for simplicity
• Proprietary XLPE highly cross-linked polyethylene (CLP57®)

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