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Engineered for orthopaedic surgery

  • Engineered with the highest biomimetic nanotechnologies
  • Physiologically relevant cell-mediated resorption
  • Fully resorbed and replaced by bone
  • Malleable, moldable, off-the-shelf

The winning formula

  • Interaction between Mg-HA, water molecules, proteins and bone cells
  • Nanostructure (SEM image)
  • Mg-HA nanoparticles (TEM micrograph)
  • SINTlife paste

    Mg-substituted apatite: just as nature designed it

    It has been demonstrated that the presence of Mg2+ enables the hydroxyapatite crystal cell structure to become unstable and biologically active, promoting rapid cell-mediated material resorption, bone formation and remodelling.
    In addition, Mg2+ substituted apatite displays improved surface properties: the biomaterial effectively interacts with water molecules* to rapidly capture the key proteins involved in osteogenesis.
    *Bertinetti et al. Langmuir (2009)

    Synchronized process: material resorption and new bone formation

    SINTlife is a unique material that interacts with bone-forming cells and promotes deposition of new bone tissue.
    Thanks to its specific biomimetic chemical composition, nano-structure and surface properties, SINTlife is remodelled and resorbed by cellular action over a period of 6-18 months, allowing for sufficient biostimulative scaffold to remain during the formation and maturation of new bone. During the remodelling phase, osteoclastic resorption and osteoblastic osteogenenetic activities are seen around the remaining SINTlife particles*, up to a complete bone regeneration. As a result, SINTlife leads to a physiological, rapid and effective repair.
    *Landi et al., J. Mater Sci: Mater Med (2008)

    Clinical Applications

    SINTlife Paste, Putty and Granules are synthetic fully resorbable grafts made of magnesium substituted hydroxyapatite nano-crystals.
    Mimicking nature, magnesium ions are introduced into apatite crystal cells replicating the same positioning and composition as found in the mineral phase of human bone, making this the obvious formula for bone regeneration.
    SINTlife is not intended to modify or replace standard procedures for the treatment of bone defects, but for filling bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system, that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure.
    It must be used with appropriate stabilising hardware.

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