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83% reduction in long-term wear for JRI Orthopaedics HXLPE

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Clinical evidence is critical to the safety and success of the implants that JRI Orthopaedics manufacture every day, and patient satisfaction is the key measure.

We are very pleased to share this clinical paper (see link below) that shows an 83% reduction in long term wear after bedding in for JRI Orthopaedics HXLPE compared to conventional PE (0.12 vs 0.02mm).

Halldor Bergvinsson, Vasilis Zampelis, Martin Sundberg & Gunnar Flivik (2021) Highly cross-linked polyethylene still outperforms conventional polyethylene in THA: 10-year RSA results, Acta Orthopaedica, DOI: 10.1080/17453674.2021.1932140

Our latest product the ACE® Acetabular System is based on our highly successful CSF® and CSF® Plus systems and uses the HXLPE that features in this comprehensive paper. All details are available in 'Our Products' pages:


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